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slider widget in template


  • lavadans_1 started the conversation


    I want to include the slider widget in my single portfolio template as an option. I am not going to use it for every item. However, when I include it in the template it shows up. Where as if I for instance add the excerpt widget and leave it empty it doesn't show up. Is this simply different behaviour or is there something else I should do with the slides?

    Thanks for some suggestions!


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    Neuron replied


    Sorry for the late reply, it's the weekend and we're working only part-time.

    You can add it on the single portfolio items that you edit with the Elementor, not the Single Portfolio template because if you add it on the Single Portfolio template it will be added to all items.

    For more, please check the following video tutorial.

    Feel free to ask for anything you need.

    Kind Regards